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Green Car & Courier wins Business in the Green award

Chris King is $10,000 closer to launching a bicycle delivery service for downtown Knoxville and the University of Tennessee. King, founder of Green Car & Courier, accepted the check Monday as the winner of the Greater Knoxville Business Journal's Business in the Green program.

King believes the service will provide businesses including law firms, banks and architectural firms a fast, money-saving environment friendly choice for courier services. He also hopes to work with a grocery store and restaurants to provide delivery services for their customers. People living and working downtown should expect to the see bicycles by this summer, he added.

In its third year, Business in the Green encourages businesses and nonprofit organizations to propose a green initiative that will have measurable results on their energy use, the environment and their operations, either saving their organization money or creating a new revenue stream.

Sponsors of Business in the Green are KUB, Thermocopy and Efficient Energy of Tennessee.

The award was announced Monday at the Knoxville Chamber's Earth Day A.M. Exchange attended by nearly 100 business representatives.

King founded Green Car & Courier in 2007, and has since grown his fleet to include two sedans, four vans, two shuttle buses and a limousine, all converted to run on biofuels, propane or natural case.

Also announced at the event was the relaunch of, a website that services as a resource and showcase for businesses seeking to become more environment friendly while also improving their bottom line.

More information about Business in the Green can be found in this month's Business Journal, which includes a special section highlighting local green products and services.

The section is also available in PDF format here: Business in the Green 2010.

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